Frequently Asked Questions

We know you are likely to have questions about how it all works. If your question isn't here, simply contact us here and we'll help.

How Can I Pay?

We accept payment by Visa, ApplePay, Mastercard, SamsungPay and by Standing Order for weekly payments. Payments can be made through our dedicated online secure account area available to customers only or by arranging a standing order with your bank.

Do I need to have insurance?

Your car needs to have insurance at all times during loading, transit, unloading and storage. Your policy as a minimum must cover damage, fire and theft.

Can I have my car humidity controlled?

We use the very latest official framed Carcoon's to ensure your car is humidity controlled at all times and as we guarantee official Framed Carcoon's you won't need to worry about it deflating in the event of a power-cut unlike at other companies. Filters for the Carcoon and electricity is all included and this can be added with our ProtectPlus car care addition.

I've paid an initial amount so what happens next?

Firstly, Welcome! Congratulations on making the choice for caring your car in an affordable and quality way. If you have paid through our website or at one of our nationwide roadshows or exhibitions, you will shortly be receiving full confirmation of your package by email and your Welcome Pack. This will include your unique customer ID and details of your dedicated Account Manager. We'll then be in contact to arrange your FREE car collection or delivery date if you are arranging your own transport.

How do I take out Classic Storage?

We have a simply 5 step plan for you to follow.

Step 1
Choose your plan and options
Step 2
Receive your first month at just £19.99 per week if you have an offer code
Step 3
Arrange for your FREE Car Collection from any address in mainland UK
(36 month plan)
Step 4
Arriving into our facility it will be covered with a high-quality car cover and stored
Step 5
Contact us when you need it delivered to your home or when you’re ready to collect

When can I access my car?

You can access it whenever you need it. You can either collect it in person or arrange for your car to be delivered straight to your home or location anywhere in the world. It will be fully prepared ready for you to enjoy. On selected dates such as Public Holidays, a Peak Date charge is applied.

What is the main difference between Protect and Protect Plus

Protect Plus comes with all of the great car care additions your car can benefit from as well as having a guaranteed official Framed Carcoon. All prices and full options list can be find here.

How will my car be transported?

We only use the very latest technology and advance covered box trailers ensuring that your car will be snug whatever the weather. We won't car share trailers so it's all yours and we'll transport your car straight to our fully secured site for extra protection. For vehicles over 3 tonnes, please contact us for transportation requirements.

How many sites do you have?

We operate multiple sites across mainland UK, all fully secured.

How can I be assured of security?

We use the very latest CCTV and a large range of other security mechanisms to ensure that all of our customers can be assured their cars are protected. 

Can I upgrade my package from Protect to Protect Plus especially as the humidity controlled environment is important to me?

Yes, it's simple and can be added at any time. Simply give us a notice and we'll have it tucked away in it's own dedicated official framed Carcoon.

I have a leaflet with a show offer I attend, is it still valid?

Yes. We understand you may have wanted to think about all of the options available and have more time. So we extend the offer for 14 days from the show you attended. Simply quote the show when you contact us. 

I'm a member of a car club, do you provide any discount?

Yes. Simply provide your car club details and we'll provide an extra week of storage free of charge!

What ways can I contact you?

To maintain our prices as low as possible and continue to provide the great service we do, we operate a fully online service and through or you can contact us through one of the many submission forms on our site. We'll come back to you with your answer or request.

I have more than 1 car, do you provide any discounts?

Yes. All discounts for more than 1 car vary depending on the length of storage, car care options and the number of cars. Contact us today with your requirements and we'll work out your discount.

How do you load and unload my car?

We only use state of the art tilt trailers to ensure unlike others, there is no need of your car riding on blocks of wood to avoid damaging your precious car. They are simply rolled off onto level surfaces and all of our staff use protective cotton gloves whilst inside your vehicles.

How do you drive the car if I choose Protect or ProtectPlus?

We only drive it on level, fully tarmac surface private roads in dry conditions. Around 0.5-1 mile will be covered with turning, gentle braking,  use of all gear as well as gentle left and right turns.

What are your terms and conditions?

If you have joined already our full terms and conditions will be with your order form. If you require another copy please contact us.

Where can I find the Peak Dates?

Simply send an online request and we'll ensure you receive the very latest list of peak dates.

Have a question not covered here?

Simply contact us above and we'll come back to you with help or answers from your question. Happy Storage!

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